Although Liver Cancer or Hepatocellular Carcinoma is usually detected at later stages, many patients can still benefit from surgery.

When a patient is recommended surgery, one of the common questions is-

Which is Better, A Liver Transplant or A Liver Resection (Surgery to Remove Part of The Liver)?”

Here are the basic factors to be taken into consideration before one decides:

If the tumour has developed in a background of cirrhosis (Hepatitis B/C, Alcoholic, Severe Fatty Liver), that means the entire liver is damaged. In this situation, a transplant is preferred since the Cirrhotic Liver will trouble the patient again with liver failure or a new tumour formation. If there is a single Tumour, even if large, in an otherwise Normal Liver, Liver Resection is a safer and more feasible option. Transplant requires a donor and the expenses can be prohibitive.

In other words, a liver resection is a good option for patients with Non-Cirrhotic Livers especially when costs and Donor availability is a problem. In the unfortunate event of Tumour recurrence after resection, a Salvage Transplant can be offered to many patients. A Hepatobiliary Surgeon will be the best guide for patients facing this situation.

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