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 Dr. Vinay is a highly capable and dedicated surgeon. Very humble person who can do miracles in hopeless cases. My husband Mr.Sunil was in 4th stage cancer. The topmost hospital in Punjab declared that his cancer can’t be cured and he can survive maximum for two or three months. We got to know about Dr.Vinay. He is so kind that he listened to our grief on phone and gave us a hope. Now my husband is recovering fast after the treatment given by dr. Vinay. My heartiest gratitude to Dr. Vinay and Dr. Bhatt.

Suniel Dutt


Impressed by the skills, knowledge, behaviour, personality and aura Dr. Vinay carries with him. My mother was treated through ESI panel but my patient was treated like some VIP. She underwent radical cholecystectomy for carcinoma Gall bladder. She recovered so quickly after her laprotomy that it felt like it was laproscopy. Wonderful team. Dr. Vinay = Superb skills + enormous knowledge + yet simplicity.

Mr. Deepak Yadav


I am very lucky person to meet a doctor like you, Dr Prashant Mehta and your whole team were so kind.This is my life for you. The way you supported me, probably no one can. 5 Star✨ is too low for you. Once again thank you very much to You and your Bone Marrow Transplant team.🙏

Kuldeep Singh


Dr Prashant has been such a kind and caring oncologist for me during my time of treatment. Thank you for doing everything for helping me during my hard time. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the warmth with which you treated me. More than a good doctor, I value the fact that you were a good listener always ready to answer my infinite list of questions!!! Your team was very cooperative and always ready to help.
Medicines can cure, but Dr Prashant friendly attitude and caring nature gave me the strength to fight from within…Thanks for doing that!!!!

Daisyrani Mathoora


Dr Piyush Sir is a highly skilled and enthusiastic Oncosurgeon. He manages challenging and difficult cancer surgeries like Head&Neck and Gynaecological surgeries in a wonderful way. His Care for the patient before , during and after operation is commendable. From consultation and behaviour to the treatment, minimal access to the surgical site everything is excellent.
He is a brilliant surgeon.His passion for his branch can be seen while he is performing any cancer surgery.A very polite and down to earth person. Working with him inside OT is always pleasurable.

Mr. Ankur Sharma


Dr Piyush is a brilliant cancer surgeon, I had the priviledge of collaborating with him and then could I know the excellent outcome of his surgeries…

A very polite and down to earth person he is….

Highly recommended 👍

Mr. Swagat Dash


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